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Durbanville Wind Farm

Published on 17 Apr 2015
Using some of the Golden Hour to take video of this Eskom wind farm!!! Wind was blowing at about 30km an hour…

Just outside of Durbanville, on the Malmesbury road are the biggest fans I have yet seen in my life (LoL) and so I just could not resist to go further explore this amazing landmark to do a proper inspection of the blades and condition of the turbines.  The Eskom Wind Farm seems so quiet, lonely and needy, but don’t be fooled or underestimate the power of these fan looking beauties – gorgeous, strong and determined these wind turbines turn as the wind blows.  As these turbines create such needed power for humanity so the Inspire Kopter captures the moment and shares a piece of this moment for us to view it in all it’s glory – a close up view for all now to see as not everyone has had a chance to  always see it from the sky as on this day.  At first it was nerve wrecking, but as the adrenalin rushes through one’s veins so the flight got more and more challenging and exciting.  This is part of the parcel to be able to in future use the Inspire Kopter for the specific platforms where boundaries are exceeded and high altitude footage can be captured for inspection by Company Engineers.