wedding_139_webVideography has been used in many ways over the past several decades. Cameras are used to interview people at events, to record and or to live stream happenings at events, to show everyone involved during the final banquet what a great time they had and much more.

The camera perspective has been pretty much unchanged. Tripod mounted cameras have been used in fairly static shots. There are usually a standard set of shots taken, making it difficult to produce truly unique perspectives. This is about to change dramatically.

A significant breakthrough has happened…. aerial video and photography for events.

Aerial cinema is achieved with remote controlled, multi-rotor drones, fitted with professional HD photo and video cameras, held by image stabilizing mounts known as gimbals.

These rigs afford angles and perspectives never-before possible.

03DRONE1-articleLargeOur drone is a professional system with separate controls for the camera and flying controls for the pilot. We can achieve extremely high altitudes, yet fly close-by for those intimate shoots, taking photographs and video footage. The drone is whisper quiet. Once crowds get used to the novelty, it unobtrusively does it’s work, capturing great natural footage… all in High Definition.

The video footage, containing all the memorable moments of your event, will then be edited and presented on a DVD for your enjoyment.