The modern innovations in Drone and Aerial Video technologies, will add a dimensions to your marketing message that until now was too expensive.

Our drone cameras capture AMAZINGLY CLEAR High-Definition (HD) shots that are ABSOLUTELY steady, even in the Cape winds! We edit the HD footage, along with ground photographs, producing a Captivating Message that SETS YOU APART from your competition.

Our Process

flight-plan-illustration1. Storyboard – Our first task is to identify and map out the overall story you wish to tell. From there, we can identify the various shots, angles, and footage to capture. This is a collaborative process between you and our Pilot in order to finalize the concept of your video.

2. Production – Next we arrive on location and film the raw footage (aerial and ground) using the shot schedule we had discussed.

3. Post-Production & Editing – Lastly, we edit the various video/photo segments together and overlay a music soundtrack and/or voice-overs in order to finalize the video envisioned in the original storyboard. We can then output the final version in multiple formats (High-Definition, DVD, Web-Ready, Youtube, etc.) in order for you to add to your various marketing channels.